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Gruppo Farmaimpresa was born as a planning and development company in the field of medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements both for its own account and for leading Italian and international companies. To do this, Gruppo Farmaimpresa relies on:
1) Pharmaimtest (, an internal division realized by Gruppo Farmaimpresa for which operate:

  • academic researchers
  • clinicians
  • product specialists

2) Eurofins Biolab
laboratories highly specialized in the execution of:

  • physical/chemical, microbiological tests on drugs and medical devices
  • preclinical evaluations
  • extractable and leachables

All the products developed by Gruppo Farmaimpresa are subjected to strict controls:

  • Physical/Chemical tests
  • Stability test
  • Preclinical evaluation
  • Clinical evalution (where possible and appropriate)

in order to ensure a safe commercial launch.
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