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Thanks to the presence, in its organization, of a graphics department, Gruppo Farmaimpresa offers its customers:

  • Graphic Development of Primary and secondary Packaging
  • Development of render, mock-ups and logos
  • Design and realization of brochures, depliants, advertising material
  • Creation of power point presentations - PPT
  • Printing at specialized typografies
  • Design, development and optimization of websites
  • Realization of books, periodicals, catalogs printed by specialized typografies


Our graphics department is constantly updated about rules and legislation of Food Supplements, Medical Devices and Cosmetics; in this way, we ensure that all the texts used, communications and the elaborated graphic materials comply with current standards and regulations.

Our offer is wide and complete: from the study of the target market to the realization of packaging graphic and the mock-up for the product presentation; from brochures to promotional gadgets for meetings and trade shows; from the study and development of logos to company identity prints.