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Gruppo Farmaimpresa addresses to all companies that manufacture, market or want to import Food Supplements providing support in:

  • Notification to the Ministry of Health
  • Request for Certificates of Free Sale (CLV)
  • Check labels
  • Identification of the claims that can be used
  • Import from European and Extra-european countries
  • Design and layout of the primary and secondary packaging
  • Regulatory Update
  • Company training on regulations
  • Design and approval of production workshops
  • Preparation of brochures and depliants
  • Audit at national and foreign manufacturers and evaluation of the same
  • Preparation of scientific documents to support the product
  • Preparation of technical and scientific dossier for Food Supplements containing ingredients derived from plants (botanicals)
  • Phyto-vigilance

Moreover it can be of support in the realization of tests:

  • For the release of the batch (microbiological, chemical / physical tests)
  • Efficacy tests (determination antioxidant power, adsorption capacity, etc ...)
  • Titration of functional compounds
  • Stability test according to ICH (International Conference on Harmonisation)